Frequently Asked Questions

What is AutoForms?

AutoForms fill out your auto damage forms and reports instantly using the data from your completed auto damage estimate.

What Does AutoForms Cost Per Month?

Autoforms.co offers two base subscription packages.

  1. 10 form credits a month for $15/mo.
  2. 30 form credits a month for $30/mo.

These credits expire and renew every month. You will never have more monthly credits than your base subscription.

If you need more forms than your base subscription there are credit packs available for purchase inside of the member area. These credit packs are called “Non-Expiring Credits” and never expire.

How Does the Autoforms.co Credit System Work?

There are two types of credits when using Autoforms.co

  1. Monthly Credits – These are your base subscription credits. These credits are renewed and expire monthly. This number will never be higher than your base subscription level.
  2. Non-Expiring Credits – The non-expiring credits are credits you have purchased in addition to your monthly subscriptions. These will never expire. This number can be as high as you like based on purchasing credit packs.

When you utilize Autoforms.co, our computer uses your expiring monthly credits first, if all the monthly credits are depleted it will check to see if you have any non-expiring credits, if none are found in either category it will direct you to our “Purchase Credits” page.


If I Register for AutoForms How Long Will I Have to Wait Before I Can Start Creating Forms?

You will gain access immediately.

How Do I Create My First Form?

There are 3 steps to a created form.

1. Choose the Output Form

2. Upload your input estimate from your computer

3. Click Submit

How Quickly Will My Form Be Generated?

Instantly….. within seconds your chosen output form will be generated.

What PDF Estimates are Supported?

Currently, the two leading estimating systems, CCC One and Audatex, are accepted input formats. Please email us if you are interested in us supporting Mitchell.

What Forms are Supported?

Autoforms can produce the CCC Total Loss Form (CCC BCIF), and Autosource Total Loss Form (AutoSource PDA). We have plans to support the Mitchel Total Loss Form in the future. Also, if you have need for any other total loss forms please be sure to submit a blank copy through the “Request a Form Page” and we’ll be sure to add it.

The Options Aren't Right On the Total Loss Form.... How Do I Fix It?

Think of Autoforms as your assistant, whatever vehicle options you put into your estimate (or happens automatically at vin decode) Autoforms will add to the total loss form for you.

If the options are not correct you have two options for correcting this,

1. Change the option(s) inside of the estimating system. Visit the vehicle tab, select options, and add/remove the options.


2. When your Autoform downloads you can simply edit that Word document by selecting or removing the options that were incorrect.

My Autoform Came Back Blank... Why?

If Autoforms cannot read your estimate or doesn’t recognize the data you are submitting it will come back partially or completely blank. The most likely cause is that your PDF is encrypted or an image. You can see our best practices below to try and resolve the issue.

If you get stuck let us know by clicking the “Support” button in the menu above. We will try and identify why the PDF failed and give you instructions on how to correct for future PDF’s or resolve the issue on our end.

I've run out of credits and have been locked out.... now what?

If you have used all of your credits and have been locked out of the form builder page, you need to purchase additional credit packs to reactivate your account.

Credit packs don’t expire like your monthly credits. You’ll have them month after month available to you.

Best Practices

What PDF Printer Should I Use?

We recommend Microsofts Print to PDF. Many PDF printers (especially if they are free) encrypt the data on the PDF and make it unreadable for the Autoforms software. A quick way to test and see if Autoforms can read the data on your estimate is to copy and paste a line from the estimate into a blank word doc. If the pasted information isn’t the same as what you copied your PDF printer is encrypting it.

Audatex Users

Audatex users can save their estimates and bypass having to print any PDF’s. To save the PDF simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Click “Work List”
  2. Click the checkbox next to the workfile you’d like to save a PDf file of
  3. Click “Estimate Reports” on the main menu to the left
  4. Click “Save” when viewing the preview of the Estimate PDF
  5. Save into the appropriate folder for you to locate and upload to Autoforms

CCC One Users

CCC One does not offer a save function. You must print the estimate using a PDF printer. Microsoft Print to PDF is the easiest and usually a free option. (if you use Windows 10 or higher)

Remember, no matter what PDF printer you use, if you can’t read the copy and pasted data from you estimate, then Autoforms can’t read it. Test your PDF printer to ensure it works with Autoforms.

What Internet Browser Should I Use?

We recommend Chrome.

Chrome provides the most streamlined experience and allows for a smooth download when using Autoforms. Autoforms does work on and has been tested with Internet Explorer, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and even Chrome mobile browser.