CCC Total Loss Valuation Form

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Download the CCC total loss valuation forms of your choice below. You can find even more CCC Total Loss forms at the bottom of this post.

CCC Total Loss Auto Form

CCC Total Loss Motorcycle Form

CCC RV Total Loss FormCCC Valuescope Option Definitions

CCC Valuescope Option Definitions

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The inspiration for originated with having to fill out the CCC total loss valuation forms 5-10 times a day. I was so frustrated at copying and pasting duplicate information into these forms that I knew there had to be a better way.

CCC valuations are one of the standards in the industry today. When a vehicle is deemed a total loss or the value of a vehicle is in question a valuation must be run to determine the value of the vehicle.

Most auto insurance policies are actual cash value policies. In plain English, this means the insurance company only pays out what the vehicle is worth on the market. How can an insurance company know what a vehicle is worth on the market today? Companies like CCC have valuation services that track vehicles in all markets and zip codes in the United States.

Quoting from the CCC Valuation website

The CCC ONE Valuation methodology is supported by a robust, verifiable database containing millions of unique vehicles gathered by our field inventory representatives and from advertisements

CCC’s goal for their valuation process is summed up with this statement,

” Improve the settlement process by giving your customers the confidence of knowing they’re getting a vehicle valuation based on verifiable data.”

Many insurance companies and appraisal firms will require you to fill out a CCC BCIF (basic claim information form) or as I like to call it a CCC Total Loss Valuation Form.

The form is broken up into four major sections,

  1. Claim Information – The claim information including claim number, vehicle owner, date of loss, insurance company etc. are listed in the top section
  2. Vehicle Information – The vehicles VIN, mileage, engine size and type, transmission, year make and model and other similar information are located in the second section
  3. Option Information – This is the most extensive section of the form. Here is where you select what options the vehicle has, power windows, sunroof, luggage rack etc. are all here for your clicking pleasure.
  4. Condition Information – Here there are the different level of the condition levels of the different aspects of the vehicle including seats, engine, sheet metal, tires, paint, etc. There is a CCC One conditions guide explaining how you know which level to select on the vehicle you are conditioning.

Once this information is given to CCC One either through their estimating system, email, or a phone call, a report is generated for the insurance company to determine the value of the vehicle in what is called a CCC Valuation Report. (see example below)

To find out more about the CCC One Valuation product and service you can visit their website HERE

Additional CCC Total Loss Forms

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Powersport CCC Form

Specialty Vehicle CCC Form

Commercial Trailer CCC Form

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Marine Craft CCC Form

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