Get a List of Your Auto Damage Appraiser Coverage Zip Codes in 1 Minute or Less

Auto damage appraiser zip codes used to be a pain to get. As auto damage appraisers, companies we are applying for want a list of the zip codes we are willing to cover. This has been a tough task to accomplish in years past before, but now with new websites and techniques, you can accomplish this in under 1 minute.

  1. Visit this link at
  2. Select your boundary points on the map
  3. Copy and Paste the Zip Codes that are displayed on the screen.

Don’t believe its that easy? Watch our video below.

IA Path is dedicated to making it easier to be and become an auto damage appraiser. This knowledge would have saved me hours and hours over the years. I’m constantly looking for ways to save you time and since time is money…. Save you money by making you more productive as an auto damage appraiser.

That’s why I created a website that turns your completed auto damage estimate into a filled out total loss form… instantly. If you want to save more time as an auto damage appraiser check out and see how productive you can become. Get a 7 day free trial at

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